Ardengo Soffici, BIFZF + 18. Simultaneità e Chimismi lirici (BIFZF + 18. Simultaneity and Lyric alchemies), 1915.
Cover by the author.

This is a book of the greatest rarity because in 1966, many copies were destroyed when the River Arno in Florence flooded. This is absolutely the most important book that came out of Florentine Futurism, and it is also the main Futurist work by this author, who was also a great Futurist painter. Soffici, at the time, was very close to the Russian painter Alexandra Exter, with whom he lived in Paris for some time. The cover, designed by the author, features a typographic collage that can be seen as an anticipation of later Dadaist ones. Inside, the book offers excellent examples of Futurist poetry, with "words-in-freedom," calligrammes, and many typographic experiments. The contents recall Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Lautréamont, in the same way that André Breton's poetry later recalled Soffici.

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